Providing trauma-informed strategies in response to domestic family violence and abusive behaviours

Domestic and Family Violence are, at their core, about the imbalance of power and control in close relationships. Coercive and psychological abuse is seen by many to be the most insidious and destructive form of domestic and family violence, leaving victims feeling helpless to take steps away from the abuse.  
Join us at the Domestic, Family Violence and Coercive Control Workshop where you will gain a deeper understanding of the impacts of domestic and family violence, and how to develop practical, trauma informed strategies to support your clients, your team and your organisation. 
Delegates will be supported with the latest legal information about coercive control, affirmative consent and reproductive consent, and practical steps to take within their own client support framework. 
This interactive 2 Day Workshop, will enable delegates to:  
  • Recognise the many facets of Domestic Violence and learn the most effective and efficient strategies to respond to these in an underfunded system  
  • Review the differences in judicial systems across multiple jurisdictions and how to respond to Domestic Violence within the current laws and frameworks at your disposal 
  • Develop practical and tailored trauma-informed responses for clients; including children, and front line workers 


Alison Howarth, 
Managing Director
Asia Pacific Trauma Consulting 


  • Understand the impact of domestic and family violence trauma, including coercive control, on individuals, families and children. 
  • Define and understand affirmative consent and reproductive consent, and the evolving legislation around coercive control.  
  • Discover in depth the primary principles of trauma informed practice and how they translate to practical client support strategies in trauma support services. 
  • Explore the use of trauma informed design in protocols, policy and processes to protect your organisation and staff. 
  • Learn how to protect staff from the impact of burn out, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma. 
  • Advanced learning: how to develop concrete and individualised responses for your organisation and client cohort. 


This training is for NFPs, Public and Private sector industries. It is aimed at any professional whose work involves contact with victims and perpetrators of domestic violence, abuse, controlling and coercive behaviour including:  
  • Family and Domestic Violence agencies 
  • Specialist Domestic Abuse agencies 
  • Social Workers 
  • Police 
  • Housing Officers
  • Refuge staff 
  • Women’s Services
  • Men’s Behavioural Change Services 
  • Children/Child Protection Services 
  • Drug and Alcohol Services 



Send 3 delegates, SAVE $150 per person

Send 4 delegates, SAVE $200 per person

Send 5 delegates, SAVE $300 per person

TOTAL $450 TOTAL $800 TOTAL $1500